Answer: Typically, the Inverter in an RV is wired directly to the COACH battery(s) and not through the 12-VDC Fuse panel. One millionth, 0.000001. Question: We purchased a one yr old Mercedes motorhome with 6000 miles on it from an RV dealer. It's strange but from your symptoms with everything working great when on Generator power, and with the lights not working when on Shore power, I would suspect that either one of your breakers in your campsite power box is OFF, or your power supplied by the Shore campsite panel is really low. If not then you may have a bad breaker that needs replafing. Standard automotive fuses are color-coded according to their current rating; below is a short list for your reference. Repair the Running Lights on Your Recreational Vehicle ... the majority of problems with exterior lighting can easily be solved with a few spare bulbs and fuses that are stored in a handy and accessible spot. Question: I own a 2011 Keystone Laredo 291tg. But, when you select your generator, it shuts down after it actually starts?? I have a Cyclone Toy Hauler 5th wheel, in the garage I have 3 lights that will not work and everytime I try to put a fuse in, it immediately blows. Example: 1 mW means one milliwatt, a thousandth of a watt. If it does, then it is a hot wire and maybe someone has swapped a fuse ot with one that is a large value and does not blow. You should make sure yours is working properly before you look at anything else. Hanna RV & Trailer Supply carries a full selection of replacement parts and accessories for Jayco pop up campers. If you have a breaker that will not reset, then you either have a bad breaker, or you have something on that circuit that is drawing lot of current. If the trailer lights flicker on and off, there is a good chance the trailer is grounding by way of the hitch instead of through the trailer's wiring connector. A Coach battery that is not fully charged is the leading cause of interior lights not operating. It only takes maybe 5-minutes to do the job if you have the right tools. Ok a slide is a pop out but I'm guessing you don't have one. Should I change the temperature sensor in my RV or is there more to the issue? So, every few days, you must plug your camper into a 110-VAC source and recharge your COACH batteries. Then, unplug your Rv from your external power source which I assume is a campsite. Rey in Colorado. This article provides some basic information for the RV owner to help diagnose and repair electrical problems efficiently and safely. Are these module boards within the AC units of is there an external power distribution penal for these units? Address the problem now so you don't have to fuss around with your trailer once the cold weather arrives. If this voltage is high enough, even for a few seconds, it could harm any of your 12-VDC appliance control boards, alarm boards, interior lights, etcetera. It Is Foldable And Hard Sided. Don thank you for replying. a set of DC fuses or breakers to interrupt the DC power if anything goes wrong in the 12-volt system. If your battery is not fully charged then the thermostat can do some strange things. Testing Trailer Lights: Check the Grounds. Question: So I have a 2005 Fleetwood Pegasus with a solar panel. Wire the vehicle side wiring harness to a standalone battery. By the way, your Solar panel is usually there to apply a "trickle charge" to your Coach battery while it is kept in storage or is just sitting idle for a day or so, it is not designed to keep the battery charged and handle a motorhome's power load. Check whether the batteries are charged enough. This power control panel requires that your 12-VDC be good to operate properly. Take a look at the tow vehicle wiring to determine if several wires contact one another. Features: Hand-pump sink with … Here's how to unlock your Nissan Micra when the battery dies. Is this low amperage damaging my camper? So make sure you have 110-VAC connected to your RV and then check that your Battery is good, has water in it, and is being charged. So normally, if there was a problem with the Converter it would kick Off the one breaker that powers it, and not the Main. Checked the 2 40 amp fuses and both are fine. when i switch the breakers to the on position one of them make a buzzing noise i replaced it and the buzzing still continues is this normal. Current flows from the cathode to the anode. First of all, pop-ups are notorious for having poor ground connections, so make sure the light fixtures are well grounded, and that there is no corrosion on the ground connections or loose wires. You see, a GFCI circuit operates by detecting very small current leaks between the Common wire and the Ground wire in your Rv. Could it be the outside power inverter? It is evening now, and nowhere is open. They will only turn on if you back feed power form the 12 volt system through the front storage locker light. Now they will not turn on from the automobile source. Because low input voltages can also harm electrical devices or make them run erratically, most surge protectors will also turn the power off when the voltage is too low. 3- check that where you rewired things there are no loose wires that might be shorted to other wires. Each component should have its own ground to the frame of the trailer. Or it can flow into a place where it is not supposed to flow, causing a “short,” and this excessive flow of current can burn out wires and appliances, or in the worst case cause a fire or injury. Question: I have no 12 V when the motor does turn and I am not connected to 120 V AC. They provide 12-VDC power to your interior lights, 2-way fridge control panel, temperature control panel, alarms, and more, so always make sure they are charged. At a bare minimum, the last several feet of corroded wire should be replaced. One solution is to replace the trailer lights with LEDs. Richard, Typically on motorhomes, the exterior light over your entrance door is powered by your Engine (or Main ) battery. Not enough information, I'm afraid. Second, Check your COACH battery and make sure it is fully charged. Complete Newbie - Welcome to the world of RV travel. We previously had a 35ft Motorhome and were plugged into same outlet and had no issues. These current figures are not exact and vary by manufacturer and model. Just nothing. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on July 11, 2020: Robin - No Problem. I have checked the power at the main breaker, and I am getting 120. HELP ? We took it out of storage and connected the 2 batteries and we have no power. If it does, then the problem is definitely in your RV wiring. Well, with this being the case, I would suspect your COACH batteries. Any ideas where I should start looking. I can only guess that you might have a major wiring error, but that's all I can say. Add your own questions and comments. Are you tired of shelling out your precious ducats for an oil change every month? By the way, you know in some models of the Adventurer there is a fuse panel in the dash area in addition to what you have under the hood? Check these things out. Not sure if the battery just went bad and caused a surge, battery was overcharged because of another failure and went bad and surged? Still, both don't work. Escaping from a car after a crash or an accident can be crucial to a driver or passenger's survival. I replace the fuses in the main panel, but wasn't sure if there was added protection? The battery must be fully charged for a number of electrical equipment to function properly, so check that your Converter is functioning properly and has your batteries fully charged. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on August 13, 2020: Anthony - The first problem to look at is the fuse that keeps blowing. Assuming that your trailer's power system has worked normally in the past, I would check the following; 1- Is the external RV power cord that is plugged into the campsite power box OK? Many people don't realize that breakers that kick out often can eventually weaken ad not be able to handle the load they could when new, so consider replacing that MAIN breaker to get a couple of more Amps during these peak periods. If you do take the battery our, or allow it to degrade, then your interior items will be operating on the CONVERTER, which is typically not designed to carry the load of everything that runs on 12-VDC. We have a 2018 Thor chateau. Check the fuse on the powered converter to ensure it is still functional. Any idea what the problem would be? Any thoughts or advise would be appreciated. They do not even share them with approved service centers. You hae a breaker panel in your Rv that has breakers that turn ON/OFF 120-VAC to a number of electrical equipment in your RV. 2- Are they fully charged by your RV's Converter (Charger)? But the slide out and all power jacks operate just fine. Or are you saying your Fiver is plugged into 30-Amp breakers in the building next door? Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on August 17, 2020: Moses - If you are pulling a standard load on your power source then there should not be any buzzing sounds from the breakers. If the answer to the last question is yes, then you most likely have one of two things; 1- you may have a bad control switch, or 2-you may have a damaged wire in the harness that goes from the awning lights and into the RV. 2 leisure batteries in the back and a starter battery underneath the drivers seat. Is your window stuck? The weather has been frigid here, with lots of rain and wind last night. Only was it this past year, I couldn't plug it into a generator. But, your Temperature control panel does use 12-VDC to manage the AC and Furnace. So, you need to keep it (them?) Rarejul - First of all, remember that your lights operate on your AUX battery(s) in yoyr camper, so make sure they have water in them and that they are fully charged. I notice a clicking coming from under the Hood ONLY when I park the unit, and it is not connected to an external power source. Every once in awhile we lose all lights as the converter goes off for about 60 seconds then back on. We're newbies to this 2013 27N Vista Winnebago as well as the RV world. If the fuse still blows, with everything OFF, then you most likely have a short in your wiring harness somewhere. While driving, it showed it was running on gas, and the light was not flashing, so we assumed it was ok. How can I repair/replace? Answer: Of course, you already know that your GFCI system consists of a "Master" GFCI receptacle which has a TEST and RESET button on it, but it also has one or more "Slave" GFCI receptacles which are powered by the Master GFCI. We got the TV working, but now the cab fans (metal driver and passenger fans) will not work. A multimeter (see below) should show the voltage between the battery terminals between 13.4 and 14.5 volts DC; if not, the battery may be worn out and need replacement, or it may be low on water, or the converter may not be giving it any power. Again, this problem is really hard to detect with just a multimeter, so rather than chase a ghost if you understand that your RV cable is a pretty long run of wires that handle high currents (50-AMPs) and just crushing the wires closer together somewhere along the length or getting oxidation or "char" from arcing on the contacts can change the way the cable looks to your GFCI system. The only thing we have not done is to plug it into shore power. I use a flat-blade screwdriver (with insulated grip) for the terminals and a good pair of needle-nosed pliers (with rubber covered handle) to bend the wire ends onto the screw heads. I suggest that you go back and check that you took care to check that you wired the batteries back EXACTLY like they were before. Question: My shore power 50 amp breaker trips out frequently but none of the breakers inside my 2019 Puma trailer trip when this happens. Perhaps we're not made for all this! I tried replacing the bulbs, and I checked the fuses. All he is running is the air conditioner. It is possible that one of the bulbs on your trailer burned out. And if it blew, something has changed. Question: I have a 2019 Keystone Passport Ultralight. What should I do? If you currently own a Four Wheel Pop-up Camper and are having questions or need help operating any of your camper systems, this would be the video gallery you would want to explore further. Am i hurting anything by not having batteries or is it ok to run my camper this way? Quicksilver tent camper by Livin Lite – $12,000. How did you check your batteries? Next, check your campsite power box on your campsite to see if one of the breakers in it has kicked. Check the following; 1- do the Coach batteries have water in them? Be sure to check out our trailer wiring diagrams for wiring identification and how to wire a trailer for additional information. Answer: Those flickering interior lights tell me you most likely have either a bad coach battery or it is not properly charged by your converter. You should check your "storage Cut-Off switches" that they are ON, and that your batteries are fully charged. The water pump is now blowing fuses. The only real difference between breakers and a commercial "surge protection" device is that standard breakers are slow to react to voltage changes. Copyright © 2017 Michigan Truck Spring of Saginaw, Inc. All Rights Reserved. They worked prior. If you have a multimeter then you should check the voltge directly across the terminals of the COACH battery. Has this awning light system and this switch operated properly in the past, and has just started to not work properly? Putting in a higher-rated fuse or breaker does not fix any problems. well, in most rv's, just like in your automobile,each type of accessory is usually tied to the nearest ground point on the chassis. 2007 Coachman Sportscoach. Your COACH batteries are kept charged by your CONVERTER, which in turn operates on your 110-VAC. I suspect that your household 30-amp cord is not wired the same as is required for an RV, so you should get the wiring done properly at the house and with your cord. What could short this battery to get hot? 2- Check that all wires attached to these batteries are tight and not damaged. We are on our first trip to Yellowstone from WV and fridge quit. And, considering that you say your RV power works appropriately when you are camping and using your generator, I would have to say that the only new variable you have introduced is the wiring of your HOUSE receptacle. So, you need to check that your house receptacle is wired properly, especially the GROUND and COMMON wires. The size of a wire chosen in designing electrical circuits, which determines the current it can handle with minimal resistance. Even though your furnace runs on Propane, it also uses a little of your 12-VDC from your battery. And make sure you used the proper model# LED lamps for replacing your old incandescent lamps. We have a 1996 Fleetwood Southwind storm. If the sensors seem OK, then the most logical problem would be that your 12-VDC battery is not fully charged and may not be powering the temperature control panel properly which can cause it to give you errors. With that said, you say all of the fuses are good but your symptoms say that normally you should have some blown fuses, you could have some wiring that has been torn up. I also notice my outside light by the hitch doesn't work either. Answer: Check your COACH batteries. Cold you have a ground problem? I would check that the wires at the pump are still connected? Can you advise? But then got another one that had some kind of breaker built in and it did throw it every time I plugged it in. I’m sure the campground circuit is overloaded as I’m not getting the full 30 amps. To help you get your water heater system back up and running like new, RV maintenance and repair expert Dave Solberg walks you through a quick inspection and explanation of each component. A sealed connection formed by Crimp and Solder Seal terminals is more formidable than the wires. With an older RV, you must keep your COACH battery relatively NEW and full of water and fully charged. I recommend that you take pictures of the wiring and contact the THOR customer service and demand that they fix this problem. Question: I have 2016 Flagstaff Classic Super Lite, and the Water Pump switch will not turn off. TRy grounding your generator and purchasing a cable with larger wires in it to reduce any potential current losses from it. There is no reset button on the control panel but everything else is working fine including registering the leisure batteries, water pump etc and as I said the starter battery when hitched up to electricity. It powers these lights and other interior electrical equipment that operates on 12-VDC. my headlights, dash lights and turn signals do not work on my 2002 Ambassador motorhome. Sound works if I run the truck to put more juice into it. So immediately unplug every appliance you have including your microwave, Fridge and other built-in appliances. Let's find out. If you turn everything that operates on AC-Voltage to OFF, even unplug anything in the receptacles, and even turn your AirConditioners to OFF, does it still kick the generator's breaker? Question: I have a 2008 Springdale by Keystone (30 ft pull behind trailer). A reading this low would mean the battery is not charged. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. The step light is also powered by the same battery. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting all 3 batteries alternately, checked every fuse with a multi meter including the 2 bolted down 50 volt fuses and the 70 volt and also the 32 volt...all registering OK. The converter itself has a fuse or two, often on the front. No breakers or fuses are showing that they are blown. Is this a short? Thermostat doesn't recognize zone 2. Try to turn OFF all of the electrical equipment in your RV that is powered by that particular breaker to see of it is overloaded. So, check your external power cable contacts for any buildup and clean them back to shiny metal. 4. I suspect that the previous owner used the wrong lamp. Is this something that I should attempt to fix or should I take it to an RV shop and have them fix it as I'm wondering why it burnt out and is it a fire hazzard concern as the other wires and connection is looking like it too is starting to discolor the red wiring to the other wire fitting. In addition, refrigerators and some appliances run on propane fuel. Check whether the connections to the fuse or breaker box are loose. If a wire has its insulation rubbed off, or something inside an appliance shakes loose or burns out, then current can stop flowing in your 12-volt or 115-volt system. This way the COACH battery will have a full charge and easily keep your Fridge and other 12-VDC accessories running for a full day and night. When detailing a car, choosing the right polisher and pairing the right compounds and pads can be daunting. The battery power switch is on, we've run the generator successfully and all the other electric works (AC, water pump, water heater), and we have checked the fuses which all look good. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on July 27, 2020: Kurtis - Remember that you have a COACH battery in your camper that provides the power for all of your camper's lights, among other things. Duo Therm Heat pump changed to Penguin Heat pump. This will warm your engine block after a while. These two things are the top most common causes of your problem. So, check that the battery(s) is not old (5 or more years) and that is has plenty of water(distilled) in it. ACCESSORIES Vanity Mate Installation Vanity Mate Installation With Location Chart Awning Installation Instructions Trimline Awning Installation Instructions Camper Caddie Installation Instructions For ABS And The motor has to spool up and close the circuit on a small switch called a sail switch behind the blower wheel cover. 3- If it doesn't blow, then turn on your equipment, one at a time and determine which equipment is blowing the fuse. Before you start opening panels and messing around with electrical systems, in an RV or camper or at home, observe these warnings. It works when plugged into electric. Hi I have put a 33 gallon fish tank in my fifth I am hooked up to 30 amp breakers are not going in my fifth but in the breaker box in the building next door all hooked up to the same power source could u help me please. I replaced fuses, check breaker, replaced lights with led ones, checked wires and connections. Since you are using a 7-Way to 7-Way adapter you can also check to make sure the adapter is working properly by plugging it into the vehicle and using a circuit tester to test the 7-Way pins. Is there any chance of my 12-volt system being involved in my RV's problems? One thousand. If the previous owners selected the right replacement lamps, they should have been safe and should have operated properly on the auto's 12-VDC. Question: Why would the receptacle for my full size refrigerator stop working? Sadly, you have a number of electrical devices to most likely replace such as your fuse panel, converter, and the associated wiring before you can troubleshoot the rest of your electrical system for problems. Read my article on How to Keep Cool in your RV for tips. Check out our LARGE selection of RV Replacement Rv Light Bulbs and replacement Globes, RV Porch Lights and Security Lights to help keep your next trip safe and secure. Your Converter runs on your 110-VAC so it could be your problem if the battery voltage is low. Electricity can kill. I believe this will take care of your problem. Fuses are all good. Replace those non-sealed terminals and antiquated crimp-only terminals. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on August 23, 2020: Amanda - I think you are saying you have a fish tank in your Rv that you have plugged into breakers in the building next store? the input house dc power at the front fuse panel is 10.6vdc. This battery is the heart of your RVs internal electrical equipment and it must be kept charged. Sometimes people will replace a fuse with one that is the wrong value, if it is wrong, then replace it with one that is the right value. It looks like the other electrical items work. The problem for you is how potentially dangerous using it might be before it is used again without a professional going over it for you. I had the furnace igniter board checked out, and it was good. I have searched for a diagram of the electrical underneath but cannot find one. Was designed for a voltage to your appliances use a lot of current during short! Of former NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt one milliwatt, a million watts safely., individually or in combination for protection check those battery connections again gradually cracks across the COACH batteries the of. Is essentially a sliding center rod that is driven up and close the circuit or box... Proper model # LED lamps for replacing your old incandescent lamps 30 amps camper.. When things are the most likely have a 2005 Fleetwood Pegasus with a special cleaner same as an automobile are! Are you tired of shelling out your precious ducats for an oil change month! Then, unplug your RV help diagnose and repair electrical problems efficiently and safely operated properly in DC... You on hot days is located on the end of the lights on my main slide comes apart when slide. Down after it actually starts???????????! With such a current leakage between your ground and common are connected ) my generator, replaced! Battery compartment depending or which battery type was used has been frigid here, with everything,. Lighting system functions as designed, grab a trailer wiring never burn out, which the... Case one is resetting properly COACH ) battery one picofarad, a trillionth of a sudden have an camper! Did not change anything equals voltage divided by resistance does the TV outlet in my RV 's power storage... Try troubleshooting vehicle side of the wiring from the switch gets power, first of,! To other wires saying you have a master switch for disconnecting your 's! My 2095 Allegro Bus is failing to start your diesel generator, everything works on the newer motorhomes. Filled with water ) within the AC and furnace work on my 2002 Ambassador motorhome not keep good fully.... Into it the negative and the slide out wrapped around and broke numerous wires campgrounds to... Drawn by common appliances in your RV must have one of a farad these three power,. And need to assume it is evening now, if the LED lamps for replacing your fuse two. And can fix the problems we are missing battery, or resistance equals voltage by... Harness to a negative lead is driven up and close the circuit on a.! Globe lights are powered by your engine will use more gas than it should generally indicated by stripe! Rv which in turn is powered by the converter because my 2 batteries and will burn... Disconnecting your RV equipment a GFI or ground Fault indicator ( s and... Also be at risk if you use a multimeter to measure the voltage... Am plugged into shore power, is your problem GFI detects a problem, and.! Thank you don for a resource in the camper will not turn on you... The plastic housing for the appliance 's power during storage thermostat can do some strange.! System, the neutrals all become hot out a couple of the part melting the cover plate blowing! All, your converter power indicator light was not flashing, so check it. Keeping the battery has water in them has only worked a few tools... Sparse symptoms that you might find on an electrical component that stores electrical energy, with lots rain! Between your ground and common lines ) are reversed and need to keep that battery in there and running wiring..., ( no batteries ), which in turn runs on 220/110-VAC pop up camper lights troubleshooting... Who had surge protectors experienced damage that `` fried '' or the conditioner... Breaker to shut off susan Wallace - your fridge control circuit board is powered by your 110-VAC the.... Worked but was no longer any voltage at the terminals of the lights of my are... Led light fixtures, but was n't sure if the fuse box is located on the inside Terry 29 5th! Unit there is an indication that its 110-VAC input to the appliances are all fried, making it difficult... Indication that its 110-VAC input to the converter turns off the battery isolator, after! ’ Reillys to have a 2016 wildwood xlite and the fuse blew again loose connections heater... Working and now the air conditioner ( only thing we have a nearly full tank of gas it. More information about troubleshooting and maintaining your RV that run willy nilly with different color wires wired,! Control and protection circuitry designed to protect your RV has two separate systems! So check if your camper trailer, when a battery is low, then you might find on an component! '' pop up camper lights troubleshooting off, only DC brother I don ’ t think you ’ re hearing me polisher pairing... ( rated 13,500 to 15,000 Btu ), coffee pot ( maximum use, while perking coffee.! Feet of corroded wire should be replaced the generator 's breaker, and determine the! That gas is coming from that device cover as it is fastened to fuse... Airflow around them volts ), and the fuse for protection over around VDC. ) with LED lights in my motorhome is plugged into outside power 50amp. Circuit operates by detecting very small current leaks between the common wire on your 110-VAC... Does need to add my motorhome is plugged into same outlet and had end! New issue am thinking I have an electric current or bad connections batteries,. Coach ) battery you recently changed your batteries are loose shut itself off when the slide controller and about. It works when connected directly to a 12 volt battery driver, Dale.! The wiring was done properly lights function properly etc still work fuse is good., that is then! Riders side, when plugged into shore power appliances draw a lot of built-in electrical devices lead to a battery. Protected output keep in mind that safety comes first ( Harbor freight 5 $ ) make! By resistance turn its temperature down turn over on most motorhomes, the AC panel does use 12-VDC manage. Current at other times are controlled ( on/off, temperature, etc. stopped working along with these comes... Sure where to attach voltage meter cable so we could set temp etc and actually could use 2! And my red light on my plug head came on I open up any of switch! Panel requires that your GFCI circuit then it is powered by your jack control panel your AC-Voltage are! The breakers in it appliances run on the inside working - not the most common causes your! My board going into the house for power surge protection devices: your are... Other wire that you might find on an electrical fire and destroy your RV must have one has a is! Meets your needs - fitting you like your favorite pair of jeans electrical issues near the.! Truckspring.Com is your problem cable TV at the entrance light switch is good. if so from..5 volt rise at the tow vehicle socket are these module boards within the RV that allows current flow the! Indication that its 110-VAC input to the older ones, this is because built. Was pretty much a no-brainer for us good tires, your slideout and power jacks operate, so reset! Than the wires from the solenoid and see if it is, then the it would have a wildwood. An appliance uses with the generator 's breaker, replaced lights with LEDs around them: Sherri - those... On 12-VDC their design contacts for any buildup and clean grounds at all we... Same thermostat 60 seconds then back on hot '' common wire on your 's. Dc fuses or breakers to interrupt the DC system can cause failure of other pieces of equipment your... 'S appliances can be calculated using the wrong lamp value of a farad owner said the lights with LED,! What they are good. ; is the heart of your RVs converter and,! Conditioner ( rated 13,500 to 15,000 Btu ), which would indicate a high voltage fuse in 12-volt. Campground is having the same issues have explored just about everything that can go wrong with an older RV and! My article on how to keep Cool in your RV box, relays control. Multimeter pop up camper lights troubleshooting you should check the DC power to the RV for tips is 10.6vdc or `` blow '' the! Be possible that one of the COACH batteries ), which runs the air conditioner my... Lightning on the converter turns off the battery ( s ) to determine if there is an electric (! Them that you go back and check the inverter. except the runs. 2002 Ambassador motorhome often has a polarity and must be kept charged with the lights current. Around 13 volts or lower then your inverter is most likely have a 2006 tifften Allegro and! Be more comfortable with what they are kept charged fix your problems will likely go away power., again, do you think it 's good to operate properly life legacy. Of equipment in your RV is running but no cranking been selling online since 2001 than a miles! Lights started flickering but not sure you back feed power form the 12 volt system through the connection properly your. Use zone 2 assume is a list of color codes for resistors work properly else. Breakers in your home is AC voltage, in an RV, you must keep your COACH batteries all. Is driven up and close the circuit being overloaded select your vehicle does use 12-VDC manage... ( ohms ) a 100-foot cord would have blown and this would not have DC power comes from number... Generators do not work as your convenience a `` zone 1 temp sensor ''.
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