‍Duanwu Festival (Duanwujie in Chinese), or Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional celebration first observed over 2,000 years ago in China, is just around the corner. Last Sunday was a beautiful spring Sunday in Gwangju, South Korea. In this book, Lee makes Korean history more accessible and relevant to today¡¦s readers by bringing a contemporary and down-to-earth perspective to his historical interpretation. In fact, leading up to the release of StarCraft II, Korean Air featured the face of series’ mascot Jim Raynor on several of its planes.. Football, in particular, is a very popular spectator sport and there are many stadiums around the country. Though the StarCraft series is popular all around the world, its home is arguably South Korea, where it enjoyed status not unlike that of a national pastime. We woke up and started the routine of curing our hangovers. South Koreans had more spare time than before, but many spent it alone this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, government data showed, with more people taking walks and enjoying mobile content. Known as the “Land of the Morning Calm,” South Korea is a fascinating country, a place where ancient … Josh likes to spend his time learning Korean and soaking up all the culture and adventure South Korea … Ewha University is one of the world's largest women's universities. Something that many of us don’t think about before we leave our home countries to teach abroad is – different countries have very different laws. These are some of the questions Lee E-Wha answers in Korea¡¦s Pastimes and Customs: A Social History. For me this usually involves drinking a liter of water, eating some fruit, eating some eggs, drinking some Gatorade, and then taking a long steam bath. South Korea is an advanced country and in urban areas the pastimes for adolescents are not too different than those of adolescents in western countries like the US or Britain. Marijuana – A Risky Pastime in South Korea. South Korea offers a wide range of sporting and recreational activities, from traditional martial arts such as Taekwondo and judo to more global sports such as football and baseball. The leading public university in South Korea is Seoul National University. Lee E-Wha was born in 1937 in Daegu, Korea, the fourth son of Lee Dal, the foremost Korean authority on The Book of Changes. And as Chinese people immerse themselves in the joy of preparing for the jamboree, neighboring South Koreans are braced for their equivalent – Gangneung Danoje Festival. Lee was formerly director of the Institute of History and editor of Historical Criticism. South Korea has over 200 institutions of higher education, including both two-and four-year colleges and universities. Josh grew up in Toronto and after graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, the 23 year old decided to put his History degree to use by starting a career teaching English in Korea. Things that we take for granted as being “not really a big deal” can carry … Backpacking South Korea is all about experiencing both sides of this country – the traditional and modern aspects of South Korean culture.
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