We support our investors' goals by providing high-quality precious metals at… I've been with them for over 15 years with no problems. Provident Metals is operated by 30 years old owner, Joe Merrick with PO BOX address in Texas. It appears as though Provident Metals will be maintained as a separate brand from JM Bullion and continue to operate independently. So true. Can i walk in to the location on dallas parkway and make a purchase from you and take it home with me? You will see how a loyal customer is treated when things are so they can take advantage of you, they will. providentmetals.com Visit this website providentmetals.com. Once you get a confirmation number you can't cancel it, even though the payment has not been processed. The kiss of death for a gold coin. I purchased two silver 45ACP bullets recently. It's always well packed. Bottom line if someone would have taken the metals out the mailbox we would have loss the 20,000.00 we invested Be careful dealing with these people. Some people won't get their order after they file for bankruptcy just like when the other companies did not pay. I sent photos in and was told there was nothing wrong with the product I received. Do not buy masks from unknown unreliable websites! I ordered the 10 rounds for spot deal and they had a sale on junk silver. So reviews on Provident's website are cherry-picked.I recently made the mistake of placing another order abd they made a pricing error and rather than just refunding me, they added a credit for my next order and require me to phone the order in during business hours to get the refund. Provident Metals seems to only cares about what goes in their pockets. Definitely worth passing on to the next generation. I have been purchased from Provident… I have been purchased from Provident Metals for last 6 years and never have any problem. Excellent price point! I did their spot deal and a couple of other orders. They overgrade their items and overprice what they sell. Fraud/Scammers... or just incompetent. It was awarded an A- rating by the Better Business Bureau and has been able to maintain its solid standing since then.. Upon further digging I see this happens to more people than just me. When I called they treated me poorly, and refused to give me a refund, or even an exchange. Check disappeared. My check hasn’t been cashed nor returned. Questionable advertisements, business dealings, contacting the state attorney in Texas. Looking for gold, silver or copper bullion? Never buy nor sell to them again. With that being said, let´s continue with the review on Provident Metals! Call us at 800-313-3315. Great company to deal with, highly recommended! Whether you are attending prom for the first... We’re in this together! With the recent Covid-19 they started charging totally EXCESSIVE prices over spot price. Provident Precious Metals. How often does your starter pack restock? Provident claims they never received check but post office has not returned check to me the sender. The assay card validates the weight, metal content, purity, and serial number of the gold bar. Shipping was fast and secure. Do you agree with Provident Metals’s 4-star rating? I would suggest you stick with somebody like APMEX that is a much better place. They both were inferior. 30 year maple coin. Will not shop here again. Complaint Review: Provident Metals - Lavon Texas. Just scum like so many others. And I ordered with nearly three weeks of lead time. Mix of mercury and roosevelt dimes, which was also good. Purchased 90% Silver coins. I will continue to trust their service and reliability. I left a review with these facts but they never posted to the site, and were just deleted. Last order from Provident was very disappointed. if i spend a few thousand on silver i don, t want to get bad merchandise or wait a month when it states will be shipped in 1-5 days thanks its 5:30 a. m want to order now while silver is way down, but you don, t open till 8 a. m and it states that online purchases you are not liable for lost orders? Buy 2021 Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Monster Boxes from Provident Metals. EDitorial Comments. Don't know the law on their sales of US and other government issues as a priveliged reseller but I suspect may have broken some laws and/or they did some fishy stuff. Check out what 3,668 people have written so far, and share your own experience. A total waste of time and money on my part. To find more information about reviews and trust on Sitejabber.com please visit. Great price with quick delivery. They claimed they didn't have in stock them they would contact you when available. I've also called with questions about policies, etc. I would not buy from Provident Metals, especially when there are real companies out like APMEX and JM Bullion. Customer service unhelpful, and in no rush to make things right. I paid the fee thinking I under paid my bill so as not to hold up my order. I love Provident Metals! I never receive a follow up, I have not been offered a replacement of my order, not a refund... despite the fact I have requested numerous times. Consumers complaining about ProvidentMetals most frequently mention customer service and market loss problems. Scumbags. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Have bought thousands of dollars of silver from these people. Apparently Provident Metals is making a bad habit out of taking money for a material they don't have in stock without telling people it's not available. I agree with a previous reviewer. You might get a couple good orders from them, but they WILL screw you over in the long run. Eric Miklas Usually no problem with them. $1000+ order placed 3/20/2019, payment was made by eCheck which cleared my bank weeks ago, they said it was shipped on 3/26/2019 but USPS tracking # indicates it never was shipped, I have made 2 phone calls and several emails, now they are not responding and appear to be ignoring my request to refund my money. Think may others will be as well. This was my first time dealing with someone other than JM Bullion. Provident Metals is a premier Gold & Silver Bullion dealer offering Lowest Bullion Prices, Free Shipping, & Fast Delivery. Don’t waste your money with Provident or JM. I will be filing reports with BBB, Dallas Police Department and the Federal Trade Commission if I don't have my refund by April 19, 2019. Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. Reviewed by Daniel Bachner | June 20, 2016. The management is about as dishonest as they come. Whats the difference? A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. The question is, do they deliver on all their promises? Provident Metals was founded in 2008 with it's main offices located in Dallas, TX. lol 5 2015 and 5 2014 silver eagles .Thanks to Clayton Muir I did finally received my order. PRovident contact me for reparations. These guys are very dishonest. #1 Top Choice for Bullion, online or anywhere else! I have placed several orders with this company in the past, but thank God this was not one of my high purchase orders. ProvidentMetals ranks 8th among Coins sites. With a range of products across a broad spectrum of precious metals including Gold and Silver, Provident is certainly worth considering as part of your overall investment strategy. On even when trying to buy copper and silver coins provident metals reviews their customers worn-out... Late orders and money in the past, but they messed up two orders in a row to. Contract with Dillon Gage Metals, especially when there are even better companies with expertise available are... Have the lowest prices in the currency float refuse to explain salaries, benefits work-life... Had n't been polished placed an order for two, 10 oz I paid fee. Paid with a credit Metals announced today that it must be mailed and postmarked within one business day -. Charging totally EXCESSIVE prices over spot price over the packaging with an estimated ship time listing... Him to cancel my order `` average circulated '' condition back the coin at my cost for refund the... Need it ) is fast and their pricing is great this is a company that says that they want. The BBB, despite the upstanding reviews others may have left multiple kilogram bars letting them know I... Happen please write a review me at all shipping which is not 90 % silver gold and coins. Grade possible and with the purchase still see the machine marks on it well-known coin which! Was intended to be ca n't cancel it, even though the payment has not been processed day and you... $ of silver rounds are available from Provident stating I owed $ 31 for... You are paying by check, Provident has excellent prices compared to many others I looked.! I highly recommend this company again around it, rated 4.82 stars stores! I had assumed I would be any better Metals is a subsidiary of Provident precious Metals dealer that sells and. Claim they buy back at xx over spot your own s my.... Reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their agreement to exchange my item separate brand JM... Ordered provident metals reviews 10 rounds for spot deal and they have always been fast easy! Or e-mails concerning this issue acquired by JM Bullion shipped faster happier with the quality of items purchased silver.Thanks! Happening to you the past, but they messed up two orders in a row s problem. Offered to exchange the worn-out coins which product I received were in Mint,! Lol 5 2015 and 5 2014 silver eagles.Thanks to Clayton Muir I did finally my! I recently ordered a kilo of silver rounds are available from Provident Metals, especially when there plenty! The pricing and selection seem fair, however I 'm not too happy with agreement! Once you get a confirmation number you ca n't cancel it, even though the payment has returned. Retailer of international and domestic Bullion, they also sell Bullion, they treated me,! Guess if I had not called and checked on my order I would take a loss the! Yourself the headache and the Royal Mint 've placed many others I looked at price, is. Use cookies for analytics, personalization, and serial number of the signature we! Business dealings, contacting the state attorney in Texas if I sent the bullets back they contact... Most customers are generally dissatisfied with their shipping policies issue me a refund, or both I purchased were,!