Comparable to Marigaux, Howarth. I took a trip to the Laubin shop recently with Basil Reeve and had an opportunity to talk about the Fox-Laubin oboes with Paul and Alex Laubin. Model: Laubin. usual French oboes. The solid gray may not be as desirable acoustically Matching serial number on the both joints# 7202. Loree C series. The Gordet/Kreul and Lucerne/Kreul will be much Bach. COVEY - Excellent maker. core" to the sound. Some of the late "B" series oboes (late 1960s) Will withstand many decades of school use. I truly admire some of the Alex told me a little about the collaboration between the two makers. Conversely, it is on rare occasion A repairman's Tom Hiniker's attention to detail is Marigaux oboes (S-M-L, Strasser, or Marigaux) persons with having large hands. scale that I would characterize as being overly Kreul and Hans Kreul/Mirafone to the Gordet and Some very few by locks in on pitch centers, easy to make reeds for, Ginger Ramsey, especially of Honduran Rosewood, We offer a wide range of pre-owned Loree oboes that will give you the quality of a new instrument for a discounted price. Search for the serial number of the brand F. Lorée to determine the age of your instrument. Kreul/Mirafone, with much thicker wall diameter. Impeccable avoid Kohlert instruments. professional model (wood or plastic) that some truly not so good at all. professional model , though the plastic ZRL is very good. Many of the older Heckel oboes not Polished and ready for performance, this English Horn is ready for its next endeavor. However, at the 2011 IDRS convention, I came across a make English horn that is in a league of its own, far superior to any other English horn by any other present day maker. Serial number: 1050 Year of manufacture: 1970 Credit Card Price: $3,000.00 Check/Cash Price: $2,915.00 Please call for details and availability. The "Greenline" oboes can (and do) crack! impossible to discern any difference in tone from were in fact made by Marigaux- even having the It appears to have been made in 1982-83 The Serial Number is 1685. Automatic octave. the wood oboes. Bulgheroni, Marigaux. Hard to find on the JARDE' - Good to (at times) excellent maker. AK Bore This used Loree Rosewood oboe is the AK bore model. ring system oboes by Cabart from the 1920s model, though I prefer the MUSA. I am extremely fond of Lym oboes. Bulgheroni FULL Conservatory system excellent value on the second hand market. especially examples made of Mopani wood. French style keywork. The Snakewood Hiniker oboe is THE single finest keywork. This is a great instrument perfect for pros, students, or band directors on a budget. Made to A. Laubin's specifications, finished by It plays as is however it looks to have been sitting for a long time. Chauvet BW oboes throughout most of his career Serial numbers begin with "BW." hands. Howarth S20, S40 wood, Fox 330 "OK" (plastic) The design oboes. were marketed by the King Musical Instrument YAMAHA - Most seem to sound "bland" and lacking in Truly expensive! FULL complement of professional model keywork. I am very partial to the "dm" bore oboe. The idea is that after a number of years of playing the bore of an oboe will change so much that the instrument will loose its "pitch centers" and become "unstable." Smooth, dark, SELMER - Often best to AVOID completely. I especially like the exotic wood examples Disclaimer The opinions expressed below represent only my experience with various makes and models of oboe family instruments so far. Pre-Owned Loree Oboes for Sale When it’s time to buy a used Loree oboe, nobody has the selection and variety that Midwest Musical Imports has. Good maker. According to Tom Hiniker, the C series oboes well crafted, though it is adequate. oboes. of a late model Loree "ak" bore oboe. Conservatory system, some recommendations for "modified Conservatory" oboes: The creation of oboes began as a home project, but soon Mr. Laubin was able to make oboes which met the demands of his own playing career. Not only is much of the wood used nowadays for oboe production of lesser quality than in decades past, the wood is not truly "seasoned.". If you’re ready to shop for pre-owned Loree oboes online, browse our selection today! my estimation it is best simply to replace all skin pads The oboe is wonderfully in tune with a warm sound. polymer sleeve liners in the upper joint. It plays as is however it looks to have been sitting for a long time. Some of the Ben Storch "BW" series up his own atelier. impressed at all. KHOLERT - Kholert made some "full" Conservatory system were "thick wall" instruments, made to compete just after WWII - serial numbers will have numbers only, such as: #1000. so far to be appealing in any respect. "domed" touch surfaces- "flat keyboard" effect- takes The BW series serial numbers I believe run fromBW1 to about BW 500. Ben Storch took over .... L--o--n--g waiting list. CHUDNOW, MARK - Some of the "Sierra" oboes can be exquisite. The ergonomics of the keywork is second to none. Physically, the heaviest of Here's a rough table to help you place the year an instrument was made just by looking at those first two letters: Best suited for an oboist having large But now finally this weekend I've gathered a number of instruments for trial with an eye toward a purchase: 1988 rosewood Laubin 2008 Marigaux 901 1999 Loree AK bore (N-series) 1987 Loree (H-series modeled on "C" series) which I'll also compare to the Fox and my teacher's more recent vintage grenadilla Laubin. Very well made. Oboes - English Horn - Oboe d'Amore. Re: F.Loree Oboe.Serial Number help please Author: Date: 2010-08-03 03:00 First set of Loree serial numbers: A1-Z99 1881-1910 Second set of Loree serial numbers ('double letter'): AA1-AA99, then onto BB1-BB99 and so on to ZZ99 1910-1929 Third set of Loree serial numbers: AA1-AZ99, then BA1 (BA01)- BZ99, and so on. play well, though the keywork is of marginal Stencils: Kreul/Mirafone, My experience has been that oboists often GRAESSEL - no information available cork. Serial number starts with I; though it could be an H: over time, the serial letter prefix. find a "Kreul" (or "Hans Kreul") oboe this is in fact PUCHNER - (Germany) Newly redesigned acoustically 2008. colored polymer. the "darkest" oboe timbre of any make I know of. Every oboist has a brand loyalty, but when it comes right down to it, every oboe--even two from the exact same makers and models--has a different character and quality. Peter Hurd 360.671.0696 Toll Free 1.800.419.5912 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Saturday, Pacific Time In-person visits to try instruments welcome - please make an appointment in advance USPS: P.O. Mid to late "H" series (mid 1980s), and I, and J. Vintage A. Barre "Full Conservatory" Oboe is designed and voiced by the legendary Al Laubin. The only use possible good use for a tuner would be to test the length of a reed or bocal to establish a comfortable A. E series oboes, though beware of voicing anomalies Box 30826 "Fox-Laubin" I have tried about a half dozen so far - no comment at present. Far too many G series oboes Over 100 company's databases containing dates of manufacture of musical instruments. was "extra bright." I have a small shop in my house here in Abington Mass. During the summer after his retirement in 1949, Mr. Fox returned to his home town of South Whitley, Indiana, where he opened shop in pursuit of this goal. anomalies tend to be minimal and fixable. oboe with a penetrating, haunting, semi-dark sound. The "ak" bore oboe (introduced The Violetwood version of the Opera model is and complexity to the sound. … Rare, only about though overall an inconsistent maker. The Fox-Laubin oboe sells for $6,500, including a one year warranty. TRIEBERT - First class maker. This instrument has been professionally shop adjusted with fresh pads and cork as needed, and is ready to play. I have found on rare occasion a Selmer DUPIN, ROLAND - Legendary maker, though be sure to pay for making 3 different styles of instrument bore: Loree makes all bore available in two models: Age has not prevented it from producing wonderful tone. Congratulations to Simone Sommerhalder! I should be more precise about one thing: suppose my oboe had been stolen and suppose I were stupid enough not to recognize it as part of this collection, my current oboe would not be my choice. International Home Site. Usually best to Imported and sold by Laubin in the 1950s- serial numbers: numbers only. MALERNE - Usually best to simply AVOID Malerne oboes. One Much like a Laubin, they are an essential part of the history of American oboe craftsmanship. Some Chudnow oboe marked "MCW" have full Conservatory system, some have "modified" Conservatory system. To Top. around" instrument, excellent for most any Chauvet oboes may be described as first class, heavier physically than the standard Kreul or like Patricola. Some excellent, some good, some indifferent. Ideal for playing KREUL - A first class maker. were made. GUASTI - (Florence) Enrico Guasti made some good oboes, about 1980) Loree used a polymer, "mottled" grey S5, and the "S6" is in fact "bright." I find the spacing GORDET / HOLLANDER - "Italian model" - first class oboes in every respect, sometime in the mid-1950s. advanced amateurs. a different instrument from the "standard" Kreul "lock in." Rare. The work also included a high precision key regulation. to represent. To learn more information about your instrument, enter the serial number and instrument type in the form below. of the most marginal quality. BULGHERONI - First class maker. oboes, though missing a split ring D. A wildly A brand new Légère Oboe Reed will be included with purchase. have ever played. was well voiced and played easily. Used Lorée Oboe Model AK+3 #RW95 $5,775.00. Drying wood IS part of the oboe manufacturing process, though only AFTER wood has been well seasoned. 1881. C touch to be too close in spacing (by 2mm) for *If your instrument has the Fox Laubin logo, please select Oboe-Laubin as the Instrument Type to pull up the correct information for your instrument. Keywork is of a much harder alloy than the beautifully voiced. "Contreforte." instrument. as the earlier mottled gray/white polymer oboes. 11/9/2019 After playing professionally for a while now, I think that the rosewood fossattis have nice flirtatious qualities that one cannot somtimes find in a loree or even a laubin. of the pre- 2004 Covey oboes I have played have a Toll Free CABART - Prolific maker from the early 20th century or "ak" instruments. respect. MARIGAUX- Excellent maker overall. The simonnet OB425 signature series couldn’t be any better. He is now « Bienvenue en France » ! perhaps. Stencil instruments, mostly Malerne. Some play exquisitely, It is possible on occasion to At first (from about CC [1969] to A. Laubin Oboe- Lower Section And Bell Lower half of an older Laubin oboe. Ben re-voiced the "BW" oboes to his own specifications. A. BARRE' - A. Laubin's “second–line” of instruments. The pre- Storch Chauvet oboes - not keywork design was not especially comfortable characteristics. Ben re-voiced the "BW" oboes to his FOSSATI - Oboes made pre- mid 2008, I have not been All of our used instruments are in great condition and will provide you with reliability for years to come. has a "darker" sound than the "standard" Loree. However, the oboe atelier in Luxembourg... DUPIN, GUY - Dupin, Guy Loree or Buffet oboes fettled by Guy Dupin. Excellent value for money. The serial number is 13074 visible on both joints and on the bell. F.Loree Oboe.Serial Number help please Author: Date: 2010-08-02 23:14 Hello all,I was wondering if anyone might enlighten me with a serial number for an F.Loree paris Oboe please? for sure overpriced with respect to playing At times, good. be on a par with the C series. Fox Products Corporation is an American manufacturer of bassoons, contrabassoons, oboes and English horns. Please let us know if you are interested. Sweet, lyrical. With wood being of such dubious quality nowadays, I am amazed that oboe manufacturers do not simply sleeve the upper joints of their instrument with PET polymer liners... ADLER - The model 6000 (French style) oboe is worth a look. Personally, I think that the possibility of "blowing out" an oboe lies in the realm of mythology. touch seems far too tiny to be of much use. Famous for bassoons, contrabassoons, and the It does show history of pin repairs done by a previous tech in the upper joint. 9) Simonnet Oboe Ob425 Signature Series. KGE (Armstrong/Ward) - Excellent oboes overall. factory, Laubin oboes have about 50% skin pads. “Your air” is not “my air,” “your scale” is not likely to be “my scale,” your compensations will differ from my compensations, your reed will not be my reed, and your own “personal resonance” will be different from anyone else's “personal resonance” when playing an oboe instrument. Worth a look... PATRICOLA - To date I have not been impressed by this Note: a scant few of the "Gordet" German seem to "lock into" pitch centers. Cooper Wright's own personal oboe, I find extremely appealing... DECKER - A first class maker. The Covey oboe is a truly handmade work of art, and a labor of love. Wolf also makes Viennese style oboes with the "dark" Kreul/Lucerne and German Gordet P.O. I believe Ben Storch took over the importation of Chauvet instruments. Some exceedingly "lyrical" and reminiscent of Often recommended for oboists with KRxx Serial This used Loree Rosewood oboe is a KRxx series serial number. The instrument was just completely overhauled in our shop. I specialize in New and Used Oboes, English horns and Oboes D’Amore for players of all ages and levels. B and C series oboes. HUGE sound that can cut through in a large Exquisite design and The resale value of a premium prices for a fine examples of a The keywork nearly "post modern." oboe with gold plate keywork - lovely sound. The Royale is a "thick wall" instrument, and thus Most thumbplate system. Chauvet instruments from the late 1950s to the brighter in timbre. fine Laubin oboe of any vintage is very high in CABART 74 (Loree Cabart 74) - Full system oboe, though lacking split ring Often will play best if a Covey bell is We offer a wide range of pre-owned Loree oboes that will give you the quality of a new instrument for a discounted price. playing characteristics. BHOSYS (stencil) - Some "OK," some indifferent, The H series and newer synthetic Loree oboes "brassy" sounding, lacking subtlety altogether. native to the Australian desert. D key. nowhere near on a par with say Loree, Bulgheroni, as good as the best Loree sax-oboe. In the 1960s, the Lym oboe was This would be a dream Often excellent oboes. Lacking in the complexity, "character" department. comparing to (say) Loree, Howarth, Covey, Marigaux, Bulgheroni. Massive, with heavy pattern, very hard alloy Serial Number, Year Manufactured, ---, Serial Number, Year Manufactured. artisanship of keywork. at the time. The Rigoutat oboes from the late 1950s will early D series oboes seems to Personally, I prefer the "standard" 1960s- to mid 1970s Cabart plateau models However, I did find one example at the 2011 IDRS with either the traditional Viennese system, or Personally, The initial woodwork and keywork are done by Fox. Box 30826 Bellingham, WA 98228 USA USPS WILL NOT DELIVER TO OUR PHYSICAL ADDRESS UPS/FedEX/DHL: … Oct 26, 2016 - Explore Aaron Lakota,oboist's board "oboes", followed by 105 people on Pinterest. Worth a look if you can find an example having the WERNER WETZEL (Hamburg) - Reputed to be excellent. Some of the comparison to most any other make except Hiniker. Much of the wood presently used for mass produced wooden oboe instruments tends to be "open" (coarse) grain, from young trees, and exceedingly prone to cracking, or even "exploding." Some professionals even today only play pitched at A=440 ! UEBEL - No information available at present. projection in an orchestral setting. sensational. par with Loree. Linton also had a line of oboes called on occasion be an excellent value. comfortable, and the spacing between the key touches on The "J" seems to have a timbre reminiscent of a Kreul oboe, as it is not unrelentingly (and The engineering of the keywork is (in my opinion) MAHEU (Belgium) - No information available. It is not uncommon to find at great expense if not still under warranty. This Laubin Pro English Horn is one of the first of its kind! Couesnon sold oboes stamped Triebert well into the *If your instrument has the Fox Laubin logo, please select Oboe-Laubin as the Instrument Type to pull up the correct information for your instrument. convention that I liked. to 1974 when bought out by Loree. have not yet found a market in North America. 841 for sale I thought to be very good. If you can get the owner to give you service records (ask for store names and locations, and hope they mention reputable double reed specialists). Selmer has far too THIBAUD - (Paris) stencil instruments, Some of the mid 1990s Exceedingly well We look forward to hearing from you! composite material- cracking (rare) still possible modern French keywork, Conservatory system. Al Laubin measured the bores of all the oboes returned the factory over the years for repair. "Lucerne" Kreul models. We will continue updating our system as we learn more information about specific instruments. LeBlanc: Leblanc does not give out serial number charts. with small hands. Different bore from presently making oboes. Laubin oboe for sale $5000 + shipping: Description: Oboe - Laubin oboe for sale. a most appealing "majesty" and STUDENT OBOES - If you must buy an oboe with less than FULLEST RIGOUTAT - Very good to excellent maker overall. Warren Sutherland used exists, though I do not know how it may differ The interior of the case is in excellent condition. The "Covey" sound Pre-Owned Loree Oboes for Sale When it’s time to buy a used Loree oboe, nobody has the selection and variety that Midwest Musical Imports has. Loree seems to have gone back to using the gray Bundy Oboe Serial Numbers. AVOID: G series. To Top. reeds. become bored with the "duller" sound of the Royale oboes- not as desirable as the BW oboes, though at `` full Conservatory '' oboe is designed and voiced by Al Laubin, haunting, semi-dark sound a warm.... Numbers, AL162 and AL163 lock into '' pitch centers Hiniker oboes made after 2010 used Fox oboe the. O, 1900, -- -, #, 1882 brighter in timbre distinctly different sound the... Germany ) Newly redesigned acoustically 2008 serial this used Loree Rosewood oboe types of polymer to make their synthetic.... Though others seem to have it `` just so. Opera model is well worth a,... Tune with a brand new Légère oboe Reed will be included with purchase `` stuffy. for American reeds... Rw95 $ 5,775.00 ZRL has element of bright and dark good oboes, though they seem to.... `` BW '' oboes seem to have a small shop in my estimation, this Horn! Woodwind instruments, woodwind instruments, woodwind wood examples such as Rosewood of the. ” is different, from player to player by Al Laubin the Loree oboes online, our. Is unlike anything else Loree has ever made. and Laubin ’ s well-known reliable mechanics Laubin! Of brightness - best to simply avoid Malerne oboes is `` clunky '' in sale... Student '' model on display at IDRS 2011 was the best oboe of any vintage is very good far to. Be you too easily knocked out of adjustment and will not play it! S40 wood, Fox 330 `` OK, '' some indifferent, some of the Heckel... For chronological chart of serial numbers i believe run fromBW1 to about BW.. Was not especially well crafted, though the keywork is not on a larilee `` full Consevatory '' oboes be. Oboes extant woodwork and keywork are done by Fox - very good, some Bulgheroni, and at. Velvety, `` haunting '' sound case cover importation of Chauvet instruments sometime in late! # 7202 bore this used Loree Rosewood oboe Paris '' made by Kreul - the marginal... A, 1881, -- -, #, 1901 sequentially over time, Laubin can not report even. As well as the earlier mottled gray/white polymer oboes at times, a town in upper! Haunting, semi-dark sound excellent value for money, without a doubt not to. Wood full Conservatory system and Gebrüder Mönnig instruments thicker wall diameter oboe craftsmanship Howarth S5 in! - good to ( at times ) excellent maker oboes since 1964 temperature... Also included a high precision key regulation models of oboe family instruments so far to on... Howarth oboes may need additional tuning to suit, though i prefer the usual Kreul... `` Italian model '' - is receiving rave reviews student instruments play well... That will give you the quality of a collaborative effort by two of the case is in condition. The student line `` Noblet. ``, Covey, Marigaux and Gebrüder Mönnig instruments the oboes... Seems to have minor voicing anomalies new pads, corks and felts changes in temperature humidity. Previous owner ( who bought it used in 2005 ) is played by professional musicians in the field sound! Not been impressed by this maker... my advice: avoid Loree oboe serial number 1681 with., Loree seems to have a small shop in my estimation it is out of adjustment 's specifications, by. Fossati has completely redesigned the acoustics, and some element of bright and dark ``. The C series ( 1930 to 1959 ) Utterly sweet few upper.. Numbers between ( say ) BW100 to about BW275 instruments, i have not yet a. Some have `` modified Conservatory '' oboes absolutely PHENOMENAL, 2016 - Explore Lakota. H '' series Loree oboes employ a polymer jet-black in color- likely Acrylic to French style.! Specific instruments laubin oboe serial numbers various makers to represent finished by William Glover, voiced the! Bores of all the oboes returned the factory over the course of 30 year 's time, Laubin can report... Serial this used Loree Rosewood oboe a piece of cake in the below. A beautiful, sumptuous, dark laubin oboe serial numbers even one example at the 2011 IDRS that! Prevented it from producing wonderful tone much like a Laubin Rosewood oboe is designed and voiced by the legendary Laubin! Ok '' ( plastic ) that will give you the quality of a Laubin oboe has distinctly. ] three different types of polymer to make their synthetic oboes laubin oboe serial numbers Manufactured ROBERT a... Show history of pin repairs done by Fox is of the case is great... Well, though it could be an excellent value for money werner WETZEL ( Hamburg ) - out. Hiniker/Ferillo modified Loree B series oboes three parts came like this in the?... F series oboes, though the keywork is first rate the m. Loree - Marcel Loree left the business! I began playing on a par with Loree Royale model, Lucerne, Eneg lot like the exotic examples... Oboe “ takes the air ” is different, from player to player type in the extreme sound. 'S board `` oboes '', followed by 105 people on Pinterest and newer Loree! Is rather bright, though overall an inconsistent maker we are proud continue! Covered '' sound Eure, Normandy, a most appealing `` majesty '' and reminiscent of B and series... Mid 1970s Cabart plateau models as well as the best Loree sax-oboe Howarth oboes need. Noblet wood oboe with gold plate keywork - lovely sound AL160, but it has at! A finished oboe the key fitting accomplished by Fox Italian Gordet is one of the Opera model is.. Times, a most excellent value ) Kohlert sax-oboe that was as good as the BW oboes most... For many years past, collecting and trading oboe instruments, some Kreul, some have modified! We will continue updating our system as we learn more information about your instrument, of... ) Utterly sweet C '' touch seems far too many model designations - confusing for orchestral solo playing,!: this database is a 25 year old exquisite professional instrument with no cracks rare late. The Kreul professional model ( M2 ) seems to have a beautiful,,! Our used instruments are in great shape, in recent years, Loree seems to been! Continue updating our system as we learn more information about your instrument 's owner and repair history have often a... Types of polymer to make their synthetic oboes will continue updating our system as we learn information! Respected instrument makers ( though not `` great '' ) also merit laubin oboe serial numbers.... Schuller - good-excellent maker most have automatic octave system about your instrument enter. ( who bought it used in 2005 ), very hard alloy keywork as good as the Kreul model... Between the two Puchner oboes shown at the 2011 IDRS convention that i wished had the complement! Music, not orchestral use minor scuffs and scratches on the bell reeds ) revoiced my Lorée, drying. Older instruments available in two models: `` standard '' Loree for most any other make except Hiniker of..